Alcohol Rehabilitation – Why You Should Consider A Long-Term Treatment Facility

If you have an alcohol addiction, then it may be time to seek out assistance through a rehabilitation program. After all, long-term alcohol abuse can lead to memory lapses, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, malnutrition, and a slew of other diseases. While you may think that a short-term or 30 day treatment program is enough to help you get over your addiction, this is often not advisable. Keep reading to find out why it is a better idea to go for a long-term option.

Studies Say It Is Best

Treatment programs that can be completed within 30 or 60 days are fairly common. While some private and public types of health insurance will cover alcohol rehabilitation, there is often a limit to how much is covered. Some companies will only cover a certain timeframe, like 30 days, while others will only cover up to a certain amount of money. Inpatient rehabilitation program can cost between $6,000 and $20,000 for 30 days, so your insurance company may only cover a small amount of the program if you decide to go to a more expensive facility. These costs can also rise if you are provided a medication that helps to reduce your desire to drink alcohol.

While the costs of a simple 30 day program may seem high, you may see yourself repeating the program if you only stay at the treatment center for 30 days. Research indicates that a treatment program that runs for less than 90 days has a very limited effect on sobriety. In fact, a 90 day treatment program may not be enough for you, since research indicates that you are more likely to succeed at your sobriety the longer you stay in a treatment program. While the treatment will be expensive, you may save yourself money in the long run if you end up needing to repeat the 30 day program multiple times before you give up alcohol.

You Can Successfully Resocialize

One important part of your treatment will be resocialization. Resocialization basically means that you will need to change your behaviors and modify your lifestyle to reduce your chances of relapsing. Since alcohol is a legal substance and is often used in social settings with friends and family members, it may take some time to come up with a solid lifestyle plan that will work for you. For example, if you typically go out to drink with your coworkers on Friday, then you may be tempted to do this when you are released from the rehab program. However, this places you at risk of relapsing. You and your rehab specialist may need to work with you to come up with solutions for these sorts of problems. You may need to quit your job or find a new set of friends. These types of plans take some time to figure out and implement properly. 

Resocialization also requires you to look at possible triggers for your alcohol abuse. This may require extensive group and private psychotherapy. This also will take time and energy on your part, and a long-term treatment solution will help to give you this time. 

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